How do I use the Libby app?

Do I need the Libby app for reading library ebooks on my Kindle?


Meet the Libby app for OverDrive downloadables (ebooks and audiobooks, but not movies). When opening the app, look in the bottom center to find Libby’s head in a book. A tap on her head opens the options menu. From there you can switch and add libraries and library cards. It also lets you select your reading options and "get some help."

You can give Libby a quick test run in a web browser by visiting, but this isn't the best way to use Libby. It won't remember your library card between sessions.

Do I need the Libby app for reading library ebooks on my Kindle? No, you do not need the Libby app; you can use the OverDrive website to send books to your Kindle. But the Libby app can be used that way if you want to.

Are all the OverDrive books and audiobooks available? Over 99% of the collection is on Libby, but not 100%. Just as some ebooks are not available in Kindle format, some ebooks are not in the OverDrive Read format. Any book that is only in PDF format will not show up in the Libby app because it requires Adobe Digital Editions. You can search the OverDrive website to see everything we have regardless of format, then decide which app or reader to use based on the formats of a specific ebook.

How will Libby users find Help and Support? Libby help is available at and is also available via the options menu. OverDrive will provide direct support for the Libby app, but they cannot help with account or sign-in issues. You'll need to contact us for account problems.

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