Few books have the ratings needed to work with the AR filters, so a comprehensive list is not possible; but using the filters gives you a great place to start.

A combination of two of the filters generates this result set of fiction books. This search begins with juvenile fiction and applies reading level filters from there, so you would need to replace the starting search with another subject if you wanted nonfiction books such as books about animals, people, or places.

There is a slider tool that you can find and use within a record that has a reading level rating (I used Alvin Ho, but use any title that you find using the reading level filters as above). Open the title details display (from the title link), then scroll down to the information about the rating, as shown here (from the Syndetics Unbound data).

Beneath the accelerated reader information about a given book is a link to browse by reading level


Use the "Browse by reading level" link to open a modal window, and then use the Lexile tools or open the Accelerated Reader tab to find a slider:

A slider tool allows for setting an accelerated reader range to retrieve books that match.

You can set the range by sliding the range markers or inputting the exact numbers, such as 2.2 and 3.2. Then use the search button to reveal your selections. Each book cover will link you to the catalog record for that book, but it takes you away from the slider tool and you'll have to start over to use the tool again. To avoid this, use right-click or touchscreen equivalent to open any book into another browser tab.

If you want even better recommendations, we have super children's librarians; call that department at (865) 215-8725 (they do not operate in our chat service). They create some browse lists on our catalog's opening page under the Kids category. You can browse their top "Great Reads for Kids" recommendations for grade levels.


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