When you are signed in to your account, you may rate titles with stars. Then you can view recommendations based on your ratings. If the recommendations come back with things you don't like, then you use the option of "Don't Recommend" to turn off recommendation for that item.

Suggested or recommended titles list arranges the left column with a cover image, under that is the star rating, then the "Don't Recommend" link.

When you are viewing the catalog without being signed in to your account, you see only the stars. If you select a star in an attempt to rate an item, the system prompts you to sign in, so that the rating will be associated with your account.

So, that yellow button is the ability to remove individual titles, but you might want to fine-tune the system's recommendations even further. If the recommendation engine keeps recommending things that you don't like and you get tired of using the yellow button, you can look back through your star ratings and find the one that's most related to the items you don't want, and delete that rating.

For example, maybe I read one book on politics that really was super-interesting, and I gave it 4 stars. Then my list of recommendations could fill up with books about politics, while my interests have moved on to, say, gardening. To get rid of all those political recommendations, I might consider deleting the high rating that I gave to the last political book I ever intend to read.

That's how the recommendation system works in your account. See what it does if you seed it with ratings of your all-time favorite things.


  • Last Updated Mar 21, 2023
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