An Advanced Search will allow you to exclude series, mostly.

  1. Enter your search term(s) and select Advanced Search from the pull-down to replace "by keyword" in the second field of the search bar. This puts your keyword(s) into a first group. You can change the type of search from Keyword to Title, Author, Subject, etc. if desired.
  2. Now use the Add Search Group button to create a second group.
  3. In the search field of the second group, enter {A TO Z}. (This excludes any records with text in the field beginning with the letters from A to Z.)
  4. Select "Series" from the pull-down in the second field, replacing Keyword.
  5. In the Match pull-down, select No terms (NOT). This replaces All terms (AND).
  6. Apply any other filters as desired. Then send your search.

This image only illustrates the text within the answer to the question.



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