If you save searches for your favorite authors or subjects, the system will automatically check your saved searches for titles added in the last week. When there is a  new result, a badge displays in the Your Account menu to indicate new titles.

You can save searches for a number of different reasons. Maybe you want to save a search of all the 4K movies sorted with the newest first so you can quickly browse what’s been added to the collection and get on the hold list.

How to save a search:

Scroll to the bottom of a page of search results, after applying any filters you want (such as format). The Save Search link appears as one of the Search Tools:

A screenshot of the bottom of a catalog search page. Save Search link is pictured after paragraph about Suggest a Purchase but before the page footer. It appears on a line of text that begins with the words "Search Tools."


  • Last Updated Aug 20, 2022
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