There are a variety of things to check:

  • Not OverDrive? We provide access to ebooks from vendors such as Gale, Oxford, Salem, and O'Reilly. You can read those by following an access link in the catalog record. Libby is for viewing the OverDrive collection only.
  • OverDrive, but not Libby compatible? There are a few OverDrive ebooks unavailable through the Libby app, but they are mostly books in PDF. We're talking about just a handful of ebooks with complex layout such as comics; they may be read in a browser window.
  • Limiting settings in Libby? Check your Libby settings and be sure that you haven't set any preferences that could be limiting what you see. For example, if you have set a preference for Kindle, then you only see Kindle format books. Or you might have set a preference for "Available Now" which would be extremely limiting on best-sellers.
    1. To check your preferences, first do a search.
    2. Above your search results, look for "+ Preferences" and tap it.


  • Last Updated Feb 27, 2023
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