A freeze is used when, for example, you've placed a hold on library material and don't want item(s) to become available to check out while you're unable to pick up within eight days. Since a freeze can be placed per item, some people use it to stagger their holds so that multiple books don't become available at the same time.

To find the freeze setting:

  1. Sign in to your account in the catalog
  2. Open "Titles on Hold" from the left navigation menu
  3. Under "Pending Holds, click on "Freeze Hold" next to the title you want to temporarily stop
  4. Select the date when you want the hold thawed
  5. If a date is not selected, the hold will be frozen until you thaw it
  6. After you select the "Freeze Hold" button, you will get a success message 
  7. Your item's status will show suspended until your chosen "thaw" date

You will continue to move up in the queue until you are the next in line for the item, and then you will remain next in line until you thaw the hold and it can be filled.


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