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Use the List feature.

Sign in to use the Lists feature in the catalog.

If you're in My Account, the My Lists feature is in the left column within its own expand area, below the block that contains My Account features. You can also find Lists in the menu that appears when you select your name or the person icon just to the left of your name (above the blue bar).

To add items to a list, search the catalog and use the "Add to list" button on any item you find worthy.

The list feature is handy for many purposes. You can create a "to read" list, a "have read it" list, and any other lists. You can email, print, and share (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest) lists. If you prefer a plain text list, use the citation feature.

Other products with personal lists:


OverDrive supports a download history (you can opt out) and a wish list.

The Libby app supports a reading history and tags, and there's a smart tag feature that syncs to your OverDrive wish list.


WorldCat includes not only our library catalog, but the catalog of thousands of other member libraries. From any item, if we own it, you can click the link that is our library's name and be taken to our website where you can reserve the item. If we don't own it, we can try to get it for you on interlibrary loan.

Create an account on WorldCat, and then you can search for an item and add it to a list. You can make your lists public or private, share them, and add your own comments and reviews. You can also subscribe to another user's public list, post on social networking sites, install a WorldCat browser tool, or use it with a mobile app.


NoveList Plus is great for suggesting next reads, and lets you create multiple lists (if you register). From any item in NoveList you can link to our catalog to look for the item.


Goodreads is a social network popular with readers (and our catalog displays some Goodreads ratings and reviews). Create your own account and start making your lists, called shelves. Set up a book link to our catalog (through the My Account > Book links tab) so that you can go from an item in Goodreads straight to the item in our catalog. Join the library's group to see books we select for programs.

Please contact us if you have any questions about any of this.


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